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Alpa Kapadia Teli
Mumbai, India
Executive Leadership Life
  • ICF Credentialed coach, ACC, trained with MCC, Peter Reding, Coach for Life, USA
  • 16 years experience in the area of personal development including experience at Godrej & Titan.
  • Specializes in Holistic and integrated Coaching, including, Intellectual, emotional and spritual aspects

I am highly accomplished and credentialed (ICF-ACC) Leadership Coach who works with talented and ambitious Executives and Entrepreneurs to help them enhance their performance through Coaching....

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Amitabha Sinha
Mumbai, India
Business Career Executive Leadership
  • Credentialed coach with more than 7 years of professional executive coaching experience with business executives & owners for leadership development are including role transition, boardroom skills, cross cultural skills.
  • Career coaching for senior business professionals at cross roads.
  • Over 35 years of corporate career at leadership level with well known names from India & US.

I am a leadership coach partnering business executives, managers & entrepreneurs in their journey for professional & personal excellence. I help them realize their potential and improve their effectiv...

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Asad Chaturvedi
Bangalore, India
Executive Leadership Life
  • Life and Career Coach with a cross industry and cross functional focus
  • Over 25 years of corporate and coaching experience across blue chips and start ups
  • Psychologist with special focus on leadership psychology

I am a Certified Life Coach, NLP Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer, Author and Motivational Speaker....

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Eric Paul Rajendran
Noida, India
Career Executive Leadership
  • Experience of having been a Top Level Corporate Executive for over 35 years holding Corporate HR Head / Group HR Head positions for over 25 out of the 35 years.
  • Successfully Coached more than 40 CEOs/CXOs and other senior level Executives in the last 5-6 years.
  • Having worked very closely with CEOs and CXOs (handling hiring to retirement) for 2.5 decades, has a deep and insightful understanding of how organizations work.

I have been pioneering, innovating and successfully been a top HR leader over the last 35+ years....

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Gowri S Ramani
Bangalore, India
Business Executive Leadership
  • 30+ years of global, corporate leadership experience
  • Specialize in coaching senior leaders in MNC's globally
  • Certified in multiple coaching methodologies and use a blended approach

I have a diverse and enriching global career, spanning 32+ years prior to starting Lumen, in some of the top technology and telecom companies....

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Harmeet Kaur Anand
Mumbai, India
Career Executive Leadership
  • More than 9 years of coaching global leaders.
  • ICF - PCC credentialed coach, who has trained and coached leaders from Fortune 100 companies like Nike, Metlife, Exxon, etc.
  • Led and managed sales and marketing teams in large international organisations such as SmithKline Beecham, DDB-Mudra, eBay and Hindustan Times.

I support senior level leaders to build their leadership abilities, achieve sustainable shifts with less stress....

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Harsh Kumar Johari
Bangalore, India
Career Executive Leadership Life
  • 24 years of very diverse professional experience in across shipping and financial services industries
  • Worked as Captain of ships in Merchant Navy (Anglo-eastern Ship Management, HongKong ) and Senior-Vice President (Operations) with Goldman Sachs
  • Coaching focus areas include leadership development, career transition, team development and personal happiness blueprints. Current clients include senior leaders across industries such as finance, shipping, consulting and technology

I have a diverse professional experience of 24 years across Investment Banking & Financial Services and International Shipping & Logistics industries. I am recognized for retaining/ nurturing top-tier...

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Jaba Sen Menon
Delhi, India
Career Executive Leadership Life
  • Member of ICF, Certified Intelligent Leadership Coach & an advanced practitioner of Transaction Analysis, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and NLP
  • Coaching clients in 14 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia & North America.
  • Clients include UNFPA, UNOPS, World Bank, IOM and other organizations in the social and private sector.

I am a business leader specialising in marketing and communications in a career spanning 30 years in the private and development sectors....

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Jasrin Singh
Singapore, Singapore
Executive Leadership Life
  • Purpose driven Coach and Facilitator with a deep understanding of human potential development
  • Years of professional business experience in culturally diverse organizations
  • Focused on Values and Strengths driven executive and leadership development

I am specialized in guiding individuals and teams, connecting them to their inner power, to set and achieve inspiring goals, both in business, and in life...

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Kavita Neelakantan
Gurgaon, India
Career Leadership Life
  • 17 years of wide and deep experience across Adult Learning, Personal Growth, Behavioural Change, Talent Development and Organization Development uniquely positions me to understand both individuals and organizations and use that in coaching
  • Specialist in career transition coaching - particularly relevant for today’s professionals who need to constantly reinvent in their careers
  • Worked at leading organizations including J&J, Goldman Sachs and been a social entrepreneur

I am a multi-faceted professional with experience in diverse domains, notably, Consulting, Education, Healthcare and Social Entrepreneurship....

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Ravindra Penmatsa
Hyderabad, India
Career Executive Leadership
  • More than 40 years of experience as Global Business Leader.
  • Worked with large organisations like SAIL, NTPC, SATYAM, TECHM
  • Coached several leaders during service. Got Coaching certified 8 years back and last 4 years dedicated to Coaching

I am a certified coach, a mentor par excellence, and a versatile business leader with experience in leading People, Client Service Delivery, Customer Relationships and Quality Management....

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Shraddha Subramanian
Pune, India
Business Career Leadership Life
  • ICF CCA Certified Coach & Author of #1 Best Selling book "Circle of Perspectives".
  • NLP Master Practitioner with 15+ years of Global Corporate Leadership experience. My motto is "To be able to help individuals break their mental barriers".
  • 2000+ hours of Coaching sessions and Corporate trainings conducted for professionals of experience level 0-25 years across industries.

I am a Life Strategist, Leadership coach, best-selling author, speaker and trainer.I am on mission to contribute to the world where every individual is inspired by self....

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Vinita Temmert
Berlin, Germany
Executive Leadership Life
  • Vinita is a highly sought after Rapid Personal Transformation Coach with over 20 yrs experience coaching clients in 75 countries.
  • Having worked with Accenture, Cisco, Tata & other top-tier consulting firms, and coached & trained over 50,000 clients to greatness, Vinita partners with clients to engineer deep and rapid transformation within every client she Coaches.

I work passionately to help clients connect new dots, unleash their potential and experience exponential improvements....

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Leadership Coaching FAQs

Leadership coaching applies to the leaders to get personalized support from the coach, helping them achieve their goals and to become more effective leaders. A leader has all the technical knowledge, excellence, and resources that need to achieve their desired outcome. This gap cannot be fulfilled with more training or change of workplace, but can easily be handled with leadership coaching.

A leadership coach keeps their trust in the leader's immense potential to achieve a goal or an outcome, which is set by themselves. The coach builds the leader’s ability to reach their short-term and long-term goals through an individualized process. Usually, it will be a one-on-one session for a certain period and with a particular business purpose keeping in mind. Leadership coaching also benefits disrupting managers as well as for leaders who want to improve their performance at every level. Leadership coaching helps:

  • Organizations to grow by expanding their leadership bench.
  • Leaders to gain an edge in self-branding and marketing.
  • Enhance leadership skills in executives who have the potential to be future leaders.

The coach helps the leaders to attain their goals by making them understand their obstacles and to come up with a solution on their own, to eliminate them from their way. The coach achieves this outcome by asking leaders relevant questions regarding their issue. They are good at listening and well-experienced in asking valuable questions that bring out the best in you in every aspect. The coach often steps into the world of the leader, while maintaining a fine line of distance to not to disturb their freedom at the workplace. However, they gradually help them to work through their emotional and mental hurdles, fears, beliefs, and whatever it is that is in their way to achieve their goals. They help you see the situation from a different perspective and handle your issues with ease, thus leading a stress-free life.

Leaders who perform high can reach to the next step or level in their leadership journey with leadership coaching. Many leaders have been considering leadership coaching recently, and are amazed by the benefits they receive from it. Moreover, one of the distinctive characteristics of high performing leaders is, to understand that they must not stop learning and growing to better themselves, regardless of their position at work organization. This learning can come in the form of books, special training, blogs, podcasts, certification courses. But, leadership coaching is the best way that helps leaders to better their lives in many ways.

Leaders usually have one-on-one conversations with the leadership coach. They get advice on how to improve their strategies and skills to become a more effective leader or to reach their professional and organizational goals. Some leaders look for a coach when they are promoted to the next level of leadership position, while some want a coach to improve their managerial skills, emotional intelligence, and more. The leadership coach also provides various tools and resources to help leaders overcome their challenges or obstacles. Leadership coaching focuses on a wide range of areas.

A leader can approach a leadership coach at any point in their career. There are many benefits of taking leadership coaching with which you can:

  • Identify if your leadership is helping your team or hindering.
  • Identifies areas of improving your communication, social, and managerial skills.
  • Uncover your hidden strengths and weaknesses to enhance your performance.
  • Gains a new perspective on your daily responsibilities.
  • Stimulate free thoughts by reducing narrow thinking which encourages flexible leadership.
  • Learn to hold accountable for your goals.
  • Understand how to overcome the challenges with the utmost clarity.

Through the personalized process of inviting self-reflection and self-analysis, the leadership coach helps their clients to clear their path for success.