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Alpa Kapadia Teli
Mumbai, India
Executive Leadership Life
  • ICF Credentialed coach, ACC, trained with MCC, Peter Reding, Coach for Life, USA
  • 16 years experience in the area of personal development including experience at Godrej & Titan.
  • Specializes in Holistic and integrated Coaching, including, Intellectual, emotional and spritual aspects

I am highly accomplished and credentialed (ICF-ACC) Leadership Coach who works with talented and ambitious Executives and Entrepreneurs to help them enhance their performance through Coaching....

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Amitabha Sinha
Mumbai, India
Business Career Executive Leadership
  • Credentialed coach with more than 7 years of professional executive coaching experience with business executives & owners for leadership development are including role transition, boardroom skills, cross cultural skills.
  • Career coaching for senior business professionals at cross roads.
  • Over 35 years of corporate career at leadership level with well known names from India & US.

I am a leadership coach partnering business executives, managers & entrepreneurs in their journey for professional & personal excellence. I help them realize their potential and improve their effectiv...

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Asad Chaturvedi
Bangalore, India
Executive Leadership Life
  • Life and Career Coach with a cross industry and cross functional focus
  • Over 25 years of corporate and coaching experience across blue chips and start ups
  • Psychologist with special focus on leadership psychology

I am a Certified Life Coach, NLP Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer, Author and Motivational Speaker....

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Eric Paul Rajendran
Noida, India
Career Executive Leadership
  • Experience of having been a Top Level Corporate Executive for over 35 years holding Corporate HR Head / Group HR Head positions for over 25 out of the 35 years.
  • Successfully Coached more than 40 CEOs/CXOs and other senior level Executives in the last 5-6 years.
  • Having worked very closely with CEOs and CXOs (handling hiring to retirement) for 2.5 decades, has a deep and insightful understanding of how organizations work.

I have been pioneering, innovating and successfully been a top HR leader over the last 35+ years....

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Gowri S Ramani
Bangalore, India
Business Executive Leadership
  • 30+ years of global, corporate leadership experience
  • Specialize in coaching senior leaders in MNC's globally
  • Certified in multiple coaching methodologies and use a blended approach

I have a diverse and enriching global career, spanning 32+ years prior to starting Lumen, in some of the top technology and telecom companies....

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Harmeet Kaur Anand
Mumbai, India
Career Executive Leadership
  • More than 9 years of coaching global leaders.
  • ICF - PCC credentialed coach, who has trained and coached leaders from Fortune 100 companies like Nike, Metlife, Exxon, etc.
  • Led and managed sales and marketing teams in large international organisations such as SmithKline Beecham, DDB-Mudra, eBay and Hindustan Times.

I support senior level leaders to build their leadership abilities, achieve sustainable shifts with less stress....

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Harsh Kumar Johari
Bangalore, India
Career Executive Leadership Life
  • 24 years of very diverse professional experience in across shipping and financial services industries
  • Worked as Captain of ships in Merchant Navy (Anglo-eastern Ship Management, HongKong ) and Senior-Vice President (Operations) with Goldman Sachs
  • Coaching focus areas include leadership development, career transition, team development and personal happiness blueprints. Current clients include senior leaders across industries such as finance, shipping, consulting and technology

I have a diverse professional experience of 24 years across Investment Banking & Financial Services and International Shipping & Logistics industries. I am recognized for retaining/ nurturing top-tier...

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Jaba Sen Menon
Delhi, India
Career Executive Leadership Life
  • Member of ICF, Certified Intelligent Leadership Coach & an advanced practitioner of Transaction Analysis, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and NLP
  • Coaching clients in 14 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia & North America.
  • Clients include UNFPA, UNOPS, World Bank, IOM and other organizations in the social and private sector.

I am a business leader specialising in marketing and communications in a career spanning 30 years in the private and development sectors....

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Jasrin Singh
Singapore, Singapore
Executive Leadership Life
  • Purpose driven Coach and Facilitator with a deep understanding of human potential development
  • Years of professional business experience in culturally diverse organizations
  • Focused on Values and Strengths driven executive and leadership development

I am specialized in guiding individuals and teams, connecting them to their inner power, to set and achieve inspiring goals, both in business, and in life...

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Ravindra Penmatsa
Hyderabad, India
Career Executive Leadership
  • More than 40 years of experience as Global Business Leader.
  • Worked with large organisations like SAIL, NTPC, SATYAM, TECHM
  • Coached several leaders during service. Got Coaching certified 8 years back and last 4 years dedicated to Coaching

I am a certified coach, a mentor par excellence, and a versatile business leader with experience in leading People, Client Service Delivery, Customer Relationships and Quality Management....

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Vinita Temmert
Berlin, Germany
Executive Leadership Life
  • Vinita is a highly sought after Rapid Personal Transformation Coach with over 20 yrs experience coaching clients in 75 countries.
  • Having worked with Accenture, Cisco, Tata & other top-tier consulting firms, and coached & trained over 50,000 clients to greatness, Vinita partners with clients to engineer deep and rapid transformation within every client she Coaches.

I work passionately to help clients connect new dots, unleash their potential and experience exponential improvements....

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Executive Coaching FAQs

Sometimes leaders get stuck. They see the competition is creeping upon them, but cannot figure out how to change things to their advantage. You might feel you are into a standstill situation and unable to find out what is missing. So, the solution is to turn on to an executive coach. Executive coaching opens up the gates of creativity and power with many unexpected benefits. It might also mean that the difference between stagnation and explosive growth.
Executive coaching is the practice of helping an executive or a manager to reach their goals, perform at their best, and develop as an individual. Every executive can benefit from executive coaching, no matter how successful they are. There is more to achieve for them in the future, both professional and personal. Executives who are in a myriad of circumstances could benefit from the coach’s valuable insights. If you are ready to take coaching with an open mind and real enthusiasm to grow, you can gain these benefits:

1. See yourself with clarity - An effective coach will collect the input from others on how they see you at the beginning of the engagement and after the engagement. They share this with you and also their perception of you, based on their observation and your interaction with others. They help you see yourself clearly where you need to grow.

2. Achieve what you want – This is the main output any client expects from their coaching. A good coach helps you get clear about your dreams and goals, as well as what are you capable of doing to achieve them. The coach will be honest with you about your performance, what you are dreaming to achieve for, and allowing you to understand what you are doing to support your goals. Your coach teaches you new ways of thinking and operating, improve new skills that help you to reach your goals, and create the career you want.

3. Build more productive relationships – A good coach will help you to come out from your usual range of familiarity and helps you recognize how building strong relationships help you grow.

4. See others clearly – A good and insightful executive coach will have neutral and accurate perceptions of those around you, then you have, and share them with you. To make you independent, the coach helps you apply the same skills you learned from seeing yourself clearly, in a way that you access others more accurately.

5. Leverage your existing strengths – An effective coach help you appreciate and weigh your inner strengths you have, but you may be underestimating them before.

Executive coaches are mostly hired by senior corporate employees either on their own or through their companies for more positive outcomes. The process involves coaches talking to them through phone calls, video calls or in person as per the comfort of the client. The client and the coach discuss among themselves the time period as per their requirements. Some might need constant coaching throughout the phase and some might need for a short period of time, it could be twice or once a month. All you need is to type on your search engines and we are here to provide you with the best trusted and certified executive coaches and help you reach heights in your employee efficiency.

You could be overworking yourself and still not getting the results you expect from yourself; the coach will help you derive insights to help you understand that overstressing can help in lower productivity levels. This is just an example of how the process looks like.

Catalyyze builds a strong relationship between a client and the coach when hired through companies, where the client in dialogue with the coach keeps the conversation confidential, but will be informing your closed one or the company head about the progress you would be doing. This creates a friendly secure environment for the client and the coach and establishes a trustworthy relation.

Usually executive coaches are hired for a certain goal or to achieve a particular goal or it could be for multiple objectives as per the client’s requirements. Usually executive coaches are hired for 8 months or a year’s span.

The process involves a lot of active participation from both sides and is beneficial for the client in various other ways.

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors and doesn't have a specific answer. Executive coaching in today's generation is considered more like an investment done by companies on the high rank executives to bring out the best in them. People have stopped overlooking the fact that a little therapy of motivation is an essential medicine in everyone's life. When results are priority, money doesn’t matter. A lot of coaches’ charge as per hours invested, or take weekly or monthly instalments as well. It depends on the client’s requirements of the particular sessions.

Just not that, a coach's certification of the particular course and his past experience and the success it brought over the time, and the experience over the years or months and the clients requirements are strong factors in determination of the pay scale of an executive coach. While going through an executive coach's profile, don't overlook the fact that people without certification can't train you for better. This field doesn't need a mandatory certification to train you. Some coaches without certification are known for their best results in the business world for bringing out the best results from the higher rank executives.

Word of mouth is also a factor that you could consider upon in making a choice. Catalyyze will help to bring you across the best trusted coaches for your journey of achieving your goals. We make sure that every client is offered the best services from our trusted certified coaches and every money you spent is worth the time, effort and energy. This isn't expense but an investment towards your future success.